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5 avril 2016 2 05 /04 /avril /2016 10:29

REMEMBRANÇA NISSARDA – 1 rue des Combattants en AFN – 06000 NICE FRANCE

I am anxious to inform you that on January 16th of this year the members of the Office of the association Remembrança Nissarda elected me again President. My first mandate was spread out from 2005 till 2009.

I know your attachment about the Tradition and about the Culture Inhabitants of Nice, who are two jewels which our Former knew how to defend and protect, also I count on you and invite you to participate in our demonstrations and in our activities: meal in the restaurants of nissarde cooking, travel in PACA (PROVENCE-ALPES-CÔTE D'AZUR), in Liguria and in Piedmont.

The current activities are the following ones:

· Mondays at 3 pm, one every two weeks : folk dance

· every Tuesday at 3 pm : choir - songs of French variety and according to war, songs in Inhabitant of Nice, Gavot, Occitan and Piedmont

· every Wednesday at 3 pm : computer course language French and of Nice

· every Thursday at 2:30 pm : court of Inhabitant of Nice, study of texts and conversation in Inhabitant of Nice

· every Friday at 3 pm : ballroom dancing "Baleti - Nice in the NICE time", in preparation

NEW - the new activities are :

· Saturday a month at 9 am : initiation into the cooking Nissarde by the study of recipes and meeting with local Leaders - 1st court on Saturday, April 9th at 11 am to the seat

· Saturday a month at 9 am and school holidays : initiation and school of traditional Carnival of NICE (young people > 10 years) - 1st court on Monday, April 11th at 9 am to the seat

· once a half-year : puppets to the Inhabitant of Nice " Li mariota " (young people > 10 years)

· once a half-year : conferences on the History of NICE, the Habits and customs, the life of formerly, Monuments...

The President,


00 33 6 80 84 83 79 - macri.sculptor@gmail.com

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