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 The Castle of Crémat - Château de Crémat - has just changed hands                     Nice Matin 18 12 2017


The Castle of Crémat - Château de Crémat - has just changed hands - In the term of a judicial liquidation, this domain of 7 hectares of vineyard to Bellet was acquired by Daniel DERICHEBOURG, Chief Executive Officer of the eponym group, specialized in the recycling - Nice Matin 18 12 2017


                  Projects " to make a great wine " - Nice Matin 18 12 2017


A long history : it goes back to Romain with its two long subterranean galleries. In 1906 Antoine MARI, prospers trader of olive oil, discovers them and fits out them in wine cellars. He also makes build the Castle.                     Nice Matin 18 12 2017

Remembrança Nissarda wishes good luck to the buyer of the Castle of Crémat - Château de Crémat, Daniel DERICHEBOURG and to his team. In view of the programmed projects, it is going to create a dynamism within the Castle of Crémat and thereby within the vine growing of Nice that is the Naming ''Vin de Bellet''.

Rococo castle : it is due to Irène BRETZ, fantastically wealthy American. Owner of the domain in 1920, she added to the building donjon and carved towers. At the end of Roaring twenties, she gives up her property to Pierre THOME who develops the vineyard and obtains the Protected Designation of Origin - AOC - of Bellet in 1941. Since the domain passed between several hands : of Jean BAGNIS, wine grower, until Daniel DERICHEBOURG, today.


 Remembrança Nissarda can only tell you of golds and already: "thank you".

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